The Top 10 Things That Annoy McDonalds Employees

We all have probably had a bad experience, at one point or another, at a fast food place. But have you ever imagined what it’s like to work at one? From personal experience as a McDonald’s employee, here are a few of our pet peeves.

By Catarina Sammarco

1. Working the drive thru on cold days:

You know when it’s cold and snowy or even raining, us fast food workers still have a job to do, even if it means standing out the window to hand out food or collect your money. We’re known for being fast and we have times to beat but it’s worse when it’s cold and people come through and take their time and we have to wait for them as the cold air rushes in from outside.

  1. Adding on to your order

When someone says that was everything for their order and went to the money window and paid for it. THEY HAD THE CHANCE TO ADD TO THEIR ORDER TWICE! But instead they wait until you start handing them their order to say they want to add on a 10-piece chicken nugget meal with BBQ sauce.

  1. Customers and their phones

When they come through on the phone and you try talking to them but you don’t know if they’re talking to you. So you awkwardly try to comprehend if what they said was directed at you or the person on the other side of that phone. Just hang up the phone. It’s probably the best for everyone.

  1. Loud trucks

Sometimes a customer’s truck is louder than the customer. Then, quite often, the costumer will start yelling at me when I say, “I can’t hear you” as if it is my fault YOUR truck is so loud I can’t hear. This could easily be fixed; just shut off your truck for a few moments or simply come inside and we’d love to help you.

  1. The “Ummers”

When we say “order whenever you’re ready” and you start ordering your food, but then stop and just sit there thinking about what else to get and all we hear is “umm, umm.” The lesson to take from this one: please know the whole order before you decide to go through the drive thru.

  1. The drink carriers

We have a rule about drinks: if there are three or more drinks put it in a drink carrier. Not only is this convenient for the customer, but it also makes the drive thru run a lot faster. If you have a million drinks and we already put them in a drink carrier, please don’t take even more time slowly taking the drinks out and handing the drink carrier back to us. There is a garbage can 20 feet away from the window. Trust me we don’t need the drink carrier.

  1. “Can you throw this away for me?”

When they ask to throw a cup away from another restaurant while you’re in a rush. Our garbage cans are already full with everything else in the store.

  1. The “yes” answer

When you order a big breakfast or a kids meal and you ask if they want grape or strawberry, apples or go-gurt and they just say “yes.” I don’t even know your name; how do you expect me to know what you or your kids want to have for a side to your order?

  1. When their window doesn’t work.

Drive thru is meant to be fast and easy, but when your window doesn’t work and you have to hold the door open with one hand and trying to grab your drinks and food with the other it doesn’t always work. Next thing you know your order is on the pavement. Just come inside honestly.

  1. Is your order correct?

When we read back your order while you are also reading it on the screen and you say it is right, but then they pull up to the second window and say it’s all wrong. As if their order had changed between when you ordered it, looked it over, and payed for it to the moment I handed you your order.

So next time you stop by your local McD’s, keep your employees in mind.


Photo by Hope Paris