A Roaring Prom

I’m Stephanie Hight and I wore a Jurassic World – Inflatable T-Rex costume to my senior year prom.

By Stephanie Hight and Alana Wallace 

On March 11, 2018 I bet my followers that if I get 50 retweets I would wear a T-Rex costume to prom. Within a few hours, I received 57 retweets and my debt to pay to my followers had to be fulfilled.




Finding a prom dress weeks before prom isn’t as difficult as finding a T-Rex costume, considering it’s popularity, it’s no surprise it has been on back order since October of 2017. Another factor was the pricing – still less than your average prom dress. A Jurassic World – Inflatable T-Rex costume can cost an average of $49.99 (not including tax), and that’s significantly lower than what most girls pay for their dress, and yet, it still looked better than half of the dresses that were present at prom.

After a month of searching for one, I decided to reach out to my followers and ask for further help.




Sarah Morrison, a Juvenile Prosecutor by day and my Fairy Godmother by night, generously offered her T-Rex suit for me to wear on my special night.




Getting into prom with the 7-foot tall inflatable was impossible since the ticket holders wouldn’t allow the dino in for her first slow dance. So, I decided to put on a dress and do prom the lame way. However, before I did that, I took a few pictures before I took it off. Enjoy!



Photos: by Stephanie Hight