Top 5 Things Not to Say Or Do to A Short Girl

Being a short girl is a huge struggle.

By Hope Paris

Instead of trying to understand, people make jokes, and honestly it is VERY annoying. If you think it’s funny let me tell you it’s NOT. You try a short joke with me and I will hit you with the, “Hahahaha ohhh good one, haven’t heard that one before” *rolls my eyes into another dimension*

Here are the top 5 things not to say or do to a short girl. I am giving you fair warning; take the advice I am about to give you seriously:

1. Do not lean on a short girl’s shoulder.

I swear, if you come up to me and lean on my shoulder and say “you’re the perfect height for an arm rest!” I will move so fast you will fall on your face.

2. Do not say “I can’t take you seriously when you’re mad, you’re just so little and cute.”

Okay, for one I am not cute, I am tough. And second, you have no idea what I can and cannot do. I will bite your ankles.

3. Don’t ask me, “Do you know the height to be considered a legal midget?”

Alright, let’s make this clear it’s 4’11. Not 5’0 and above.

4. Do not pretend you didn’t see me there.

Let’s be real, you saw me standing there, and you think you’re just being funny, and quite frankly you’re not.

  5. Don’t bend down lower to get on our “level” to tell us something.

I can hear you perfectly fine from where you are. You don’t need to be ridiculous, but thank you for being considerate I guess?

Photo by Her Campus on Google