Yearbook Club Begins as Central’s Latest Club

Central welcomes the newest club, Yearbook Club, run by photography teacher Debra Allen.

By: Hunter Hufstutler & Harrison Byars

While years ago yearbook was a full credit class, Central High School’s yearbook responsibility now falls solely on the students in the new year book club.

Central’s newest club, the yearbook club, has taken on the responsibility of compiling information, taking pictures, and designing the 2018-2019 yearbook. Leading this endeavor is Debra Allen, Central’s photography teacher, and a volunteer group of students.

Ms. Allen has helped in the past with the yearbook. In recent years the yearbook has been integrated into the advanced photography class. After several years of this system she decided to do something new by creating the yearbook club. This new club is completely voluntary and Ms. Allen, the club advisor, is always looking for more help. “If you are creative and want to do some work come to the meetings and get involved,” she said. The club is open to anyone who is willing to volunteer their time to help.

One major concern for the yearbook many seniors at Central High School had this year was the incorporation of senior quotes. “Senior quotes are a real possibility,” Allen said. “We just need to develop a plan of attack.”

Carter Christofferson, a senior at Central High School, is a member in the club. He is also a third-year photography student of Ms. Allen. “We really need help for the yearbook,” he said. “We will be happy with any help as long as they are willing to do the work.” He added, “The club is very fun and is a great way to meet new people.”