Editorial: Students Should Dress Up for Spirit Week

Student Council has announced dress up days for the week before Christmas; for their own good, students should participate.

By Chris Chillin Schilling, Dale Broke Beranek, Dylan Grape Grundstrom, Ashton Wacky Walker, Elisabeth Reaper Riisnaes

It is the week before Christmas break and faculty at Central high school are desperately trying to find a way to get students excited to come to school. What better way than to dress up ridiculously? Thus, it’s dress up week, and the question running through every student’s mind is: should I dress up?

The lineup for the different days: Monday is meme day, Tuesday is ugly sweater day, Wednesday is Christmas past where each class is in charge of a different decade (freshman~60’s, Sophomores~70’s, Juniors~80’s, and seniors~90’s), Thursday is pajama day (for which you have to pay a dollar to participate), and Friday is red and green day.

So far, Meme Monday has built up the most anticipation. Being unprecedented, students have a chance to dress up as a pop culture reference, meaning quite a few students will be dressing up. However, in a quick survey we conducted in Mr. Lore’s Shakespeare class, only one in twelve students seemed to be dressing up. So even with much anticipation, there aren’t enough people dressing up for spirit week.

Yet we still believe everyone should participate if at all possible. The school gives us permission to dress up in hopes of creating a fun atmosphere. If no one participates, our week is that much less enjoyable. Why not make someone laugh with a great ugly sweater, or spend the day being relaxed and cozy in pajamas? Why not make someone’s Monday less stressful by dressing up as a funny meme/vine? Think about how much more enjoyable everyone’s week could be by dressing up.

Yes, it’s pointless to dress up, but it gives students a chance to participate in a fun and easy school activity. The week’s dress up days involve little to no cost, other than maybe a dollar of a simple donation of school supplies. And while many students think we don’t have time to dress up, this is not true. It doesn’t take longer than five minutes to put on something quick that relates to the day.

Let’s get ready for a fun holiday spirit week. Study your memes, break out those sweaters, fuzzy socks, bell bottoms, and more to participate in our week of excitement leading up to break.