Real Estate Sales in the Black Hills Are Booming

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be a boon for sales of real estate in the Black Hills area.

By Wyatt Anderson and Jed Sieverding

In the recent months the demand of houses and land have seen a major influx due to people moving into the Black Hills area.

Real estate agent Sherrie Nutter believes COVID regulations set in place in other states are a major reason for the increase of demand of housing and land in the area. “California, Washington state, Oregon, and Colorado are the most notable areas people seem to be coming from,” she said. Nutter also mentioned some people have bought properties without even seeing the place for themselves, taking the word of the realtors due to the demand being so high.

Dave Jones, another real estate agent in the Black Hills area, is noticing new but positive changes in his job of selling houses. He is now able to show a house 50 times a day over virtual tours. “Well, houses are selling quick,” he says, due to high demand in the area.

Both agents believe large population areas are scaring people away and sending them to quieter places like the Black Hills. Retired couples, horse owners, and people native to the Black Hills area are prominent groups moving in.

Ellsworth Air Force Base, a few miles outside Rapid, is planning a large expansion of its mission, and estimates suggest roughly 1,000 new housing units will be needed for people coming into the area to fill jobs. This announcement has helped land in that area to soar in price, and investors from as far as Oklahoma have started calling in preparation for the opportunity in housing development.

Photo: July 23, 3 04 19 PM by Dan Moyle on Flickr