Central’s Top Ten Dogs as Voted by Students

Dogs are the best, but not all dogs are created equal. These are the top ten dogs owned by Central’s students and staff.

By Alison Kirsch and Jailyn Taylor

Dog lovers, perk up your ears! The Pine Needle has called in all dogs owned by students and staff to compete in Central’s first ever Top Dog Competition. As one can expect, the selection process for this competition was an extremely ‘ruff’ task. Nonetheless, by means of a formulated voting process the following results have been determined.

Central’s Top Ten Dogs

10th Place: Kova

Submitted by Ally Davis

Kova is a Cattle Dog mix who enjoys playing ball with her favorite people.

9th Place: Doza

Submitted by Anonymous

 Doza is a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix. She loves chasing squirrels and barking at deer.

8th Place: Rex

Submitted by Jersee Kelper

Rex is a Border Doodle whose hobbies include playing with his toys, learning new tricks, taking naps, and running around aimlessly. 

7th Place: Jazz

Submitted by Anonymous

Jazz the Corgi’s hobbies include sleeping in the sun and waiting for her favorite people to come home.

6th Place: Dozer

Submitted by Colton Porter

 Dozer is a Yellow Lab who likes sleeping and setting his big head upon Colton’s leg.

5th Place: Bailey

Submitted by Adrianna

Bailey is a Chug (pug and chihuahua mix). Bailey’s hobbies include following people everywhere they go, chewing sticks, and playing rough with his friends.

4th Place: Luna

Submitted by Gabe

Luna is a pure Golden Retriever who thoroughly enjoys eating, chasing birds, and stealing socks from her victim’s feet.

3rd Place: Trixie P.

Submitted by Anonymous

Trixie is a very adorable mutt whose hobbies include sleeping a lot, sun bathing, chillin’ with the homies, and snacking on her bones.

2nd Place: Oreo

Submitted by Gabe

Oreo is a Border Collie mix who loves pets and hugs!

1st Place: Sadie

Submitted by Liam Porter

Sadie the German Shepard enjoys running, walking, finding tennis balls in the dark, and chasing after rabbits.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order)


Submitted by Trinity Burton

Beast is a German Shepherd mix whose hobbies include sleeping on bean bags, jumping on the couch, and pursuing his education.


Submitted by Mackenzie Nelson

Bruce is a Lab/ Great Dane mix who loves to eat snacks.


Submitted by Raven

Chibs the Corgi mix loves bunny hopping, sleeping, eating treats, and begging for attention.

Special thanks to all participants!