Second Floor Hallway to be Covered in New Carpet for Upcoming School Year

The 2021-2022 school year presents many new aspects to Central High, including the installation of new carpet on the second floor’s hallway.

By Naomi Rehberg and Peyton Bagley

Walking through the second level hallway of Central High School, both staff and students are familiar with the exposed concrete that makes up the entire area. Since the current students at Central have only experienced the concrete, many are unaware that the entire walkway actually used to be covered with lime-green carpet; yes, the same carpet that is in the library. For the several years following the bright, neon flooring being removed the upstairs hall has remained unfinished and bare. That is, until this summer.

Over the summer of 2021, Central High School has announced that they are putting an end to the exposed concrete that has been walked on by staff and students for years. This plan has been a work-in-progress over the past few years; however, it has been pushed off for many reasons. Mainly, it is due to the original plan not being a viable option, which was to tile up the second-floor hall with the intentions of matching the first floor’s tiling. Unfortunately, this did not work out and led back to the choice of carpet.

The choice of which carpet was going to be planted on the upper-level floors for years and possibly decades to come was not simple. Our staff were able to include their input and vote on their choice of design. There was an initial vote done by all staff using the first round of sample carpets, however, the voting had to be redone due to the first samples being the incorrect type of carpet for the floor area. The revote was also a factor in the delay of this new flooring process. After the second round of voting with a new group of samples, the carpet named “Z-Factor” won.

Upstairs floor: before and after

Z-Factor is a gray-based carpet that includes a design pattern with staggered thin red lines (as pictured above). The staff voted this carpet during the second round as the best fit for Central High School’s interior design and style. Former Central student and current math teacher Jenna Stephens said, “I’m really happy that they went with a neutral-colored carpet since there is a lot of bright colors out there!”

Although students did not get to vote, the underclassmen are also happy to see a change. “I’m glad that Central has made the choice to upgrade the floors,” says freshman student Madelyn Rehberg.

There is still uncertainty regarding the replacement or installment of carpet in other areas of the school, including the library and multiple other departments. Central remains hopeful that it won’t be too far into the future before we will see more floor adjustments take place. However, for now, Central High School anticipates to see the new carpet fill up the upstairs hallway in the upcoming school year.