Noticing the Dreams of the World

When we are kids, we all have dreams and we’re eager to share them. As we get older, what changes?

By Aria Vopat

Hello, my name is Aria Vopat, and I have dreams. Now I’m sure that you’re wondering what that has to do with this article. I’m telling you that because what I’ve noticed is that people have dreams but don’t share them. I think it’s silly. Dreams and aspirations are a huge part of a person’s identity. Yet most people are embarrassed by their dreams. Most people would rather not share their goals and keep them inside instead. Some dreams are silly, but even the silly ones need to be heard.

This isn’t to tell you to pursue your dreams. I know how hard it can be to do that. But I think we should all be more open about our dreams. I’ll go on record and say that as a kid little I wanted to be a lawyer. Now that is the most ridiculous thing if you know me personally (which most of you don’t), but as a kid, I was dead set on it. I would try and find loopholes in everything. I was trying to learn laws. I would watch YouTube videos about laws and how they work. I have changed from when I was a kid. I no longer have that information about the law system memorized. Dumped it out of my brain when I got to sixth grade to try and focus on schoolwork.

Humans are made to change. I’m sure you don’t have the same aspirations as Little You. I’m sure you have changed your dreams and goals in the last six months. But I’ll tell you I felt a lot better when I was a kid going around saying, “When I’m older I’m going to be a lawyer, and no one can stop me.” No, I’ll give you an example of a time I didn’t share my hopes and dreams. In middle school I wanted to be a to be YouTuber. I know, all kids dream that. Still, I wanted to make videos. But instead of letting the world know I had a dream, I hid it. I didn’t want people to know. Looking back, every kid wanted to be one, so I don’t know why I was so scared. But I was so unhappy. I felt like my dream was eating away at me. I couldn’t handle it anymore and the anxiety of the thought people might find out was too much for me. So, I stopped having that dream.

Since then, I started to notice no one mentioned their dreams anymore. No one wanted to share what they wanted in life anymore. If I did get someone to tell me their dreams it was short. No details were ever shared, and it was never brought up again. I noticed that when people do share their dreams, they tend to no want to talk about it again. If you ask questions, they don’t answer.

When people get older, they tend to hide their dreams. This has a negative effect on people. So, I think we should share our dreams more often.

I’ll go first.

My current dream is to write a book.

Now, what’s yours?

Image: Parade Dreams by Beth Jusino on Flickr