Central’s Summer of 2023

The countdown is on! What are your plans for the summer break? Pine Needle writers Amelia Schaefbauer and Kylie Meier got the inside scoop on what the students and staff are planning to fill their summer days with.

By Amelia Schaefbauer and Kylie Meier

There’s only a few weeks until everyone puts on their short-sleeve shirts and low-cut shorts. There is even less time for the graduating seniors. When summer does finally come around, people have many different ideas about what they’re going to do with their extended time off from school.

People are not shy in fantasizing about all the things they are going to do. “I’m going to Guatemala for a vacation since that’s where most of my family lives,” says Central High School senior, Magali Ardon. “I’m going to try to get a job,” says sophomore, Hannah Bifulco. Both Ardon and Bifulco are excited about their plans and looking forward to what is to come when school is finally out.

Others are nervous for what is to come for them. “I’ll be getting ready for college,” says senior Madison Malone, “It’s scary to know that you can fail a class you paid for in college and have to pay for it again when you retake it.” Malone is not unenthusiastic about college, but she is worried about how different it will be from high school, especially when it comes to the financial standpoint.

Many students feel that they don’t have enough time in the summer. According to Hannah Jensen, a sophomore, “I feel like we don’t have enough time to recover and they should give us a solid two weeks more.” Jensen is especially worried about her usual vacation plans with the school year being slightly extended. “My family usually would take a vacation after Memorial Day but because we have to go back to school we can’t do that,” Jensen continued. By having school even a few days more than usual, it can really mess with people’s plans.

Not only are people worried about having too short of a summer, they’re worried about having too long of one as well. With too much summer, students will begin to miss their friends. “I’m going to miss seeing my friends because they live farther away,” says sophomore Tianna Boerke. She thinks it will be hard since she can’t see her friends in person. Others, such as sophomore Claire Comes, have a different viewpoint on not seeing their friends. “I won’t be able to see my friends every day like I do now but I’ll still be in contact with them,” says Comes.