9th & 10th Football: Cobblers Knock Down Raiders

The Cobblers freshman and sophomore football teams snagged a pair of close victories from the Stevens Raiders Thursday evening, starting what they hope will be a fantastic weekend for Cobbler football. The sophomores won 21-20 and the freshmen won 14-13.

The freshmen game was particularly dramatic, as the team fell behind 13-6 at the close of the third quarter. After the defense stopped Stevens from nearing the endzone, Asher Pikula hitched to the outside and ran in a touchdown with 1:40 left in the game. Going for the win, Shane O’Connel hammered in the two point conversion to put the Cobblers up by one. Stevens got the ball back and attempted to advance, but defensive back Zack Brown swatted down pass attempts on three separate downs and the Raiders had to give up the ball.

The varsity team hopes to duplicate the success as they play in the Rushmore Bowl Friday night at 8:00, taking on Sturgis.