Weekly Roundup: School year gains momentum


Construction materials outside the east entrance


Today draws to a close the first week with a holiday. The week also marked the beginning of enforcing all the rules, like the tardy policy, where students who are late for class have to report to the attendance office to get a pass before heading into class. Tardies can hurt on a number of fronts–not only do they earn detentions, but too many tardies in a class disqualifies a student from exemption from exams, which is a big ouch. It won’t be surprising to see the number of tardies drop significantly next week.


That little fire alarm during fourth block Wednesday was no drill, as everyone likely guessed after standing outside for 30 minutes. The smoke generated by a small mishap triggered the alarm. Yet one could not have asked for a better day for such a problem–sunny and warm, perfect for mingling and socializing. Hopefully this incident means there will be one less drill needed in the dead of winter, right?


Next Tuesday the drama club will build on the excitement of their new season with a meeting to elect officers and announce audition times. Students who have never auditioned for a play at Central should consider taking part, even if they’re convinced they’d never be cast. The experience of auditioning is unique and auditioners consistently surprise themselves with their latent talents. Plus, you might make a few new friends.


Homecoming is already around the corner.


Student Council plans homecoming


This week students voted for their nominees for king and queen and pages. English teachers fielded a number of amusing questions during the nomination process, including, “Can I vote for myself?” and “Do I have to know his last name?”   Official voting will certainly be easier, since students will just have to circle one of the nominees. The answer to both questions, by the way, was yes.






Photos by Lacy Payne