Drama club announces its season

The crowd waits in anticipation, breath held, clinging on every word written on the screen. Where else can you find this other than Drama Club’s first meeting and season reveal? The theme of the first season is “What a novel idea,” and the plays all based on extraordinary books.

The fall show, “Sherlock Holmes” is sure to be a mysterious hit. “Sherlock Holmes” will be followed up by the Evening of One Acts. The evening will start out with the student-directed one act, “Rupunzel,” which is sure to be a hair raising good time. The night will conclude with the original adaptation of “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury, in which a boy can bottle a great moment in his life and uncork the bottle when he needs that feeling of being 12 years old without a care in the world. The season concludes with the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Treasure Island.”

Follow the journey of young Jim and the pirate crew on this swashbuckling adventure. Detectives, long hair, and pirates . . Oh my! This theatre season is sure to be a great one.