Students’ Thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes” Auditions

by: Jacob Mobley

As many people know, this week were the auditions for the Central High Theater production of Sherlock Holmes. The audition process can often be a long process and a couple of sleepless nights for those students waiting in anticipation. This year the auditions soared by in a great deal of excitement. After the normal auditions on Monday and Tuesday, I sat down with a couple people who got a called back and asked them a question or two. Here is how they responded…

How do you think auditions went?

  • “I felt they were very fun, and well put together. It was a very fun experience.” – Nicole, junior
  • “They were different from the past, but I had a lot of fun.” – Erica, senior
  • “I think they were a bit biege, but everyone gets nervous out there. I love being on stage, it’s a hoot . . . and a half.” – Angela, junior
  • “I thought a lot of people stepped out of their comfort zones, at least more than they normally would.” Aaron, sophomore

How do you think you and everyone else did?

  • “So far everyone has done wonderfully, and I think it will be a very successful production.” – Doss, senior
  • “They are not as intimidating as STM’s but those were always singing auditions.”  – Collette, junior

How do/did you feel getting up on the stage for the audition?

  • “I’m really nervous before my name is called but then I get on the stage I feel at home. I also love playing off of the other person you’re with.” – Kortney, senior
  • “It’s scary, but after you get to know everyone it wasn’t as nerve-wracking, especially when Jacob Mobley’s your partner.”   – Hannah, sophomore (I was fond of Hannah’s response)
  • “While auditioning I was excited and I was much less nervous than I thought I would be. It was a lot of fun.” – Erika, sophomore
  • “Scary, but it got better as it went along.” – Taylor, senior
  • “I was more nervous than excited because I thought there would be a lot of people.”  – Tanner, freshman

So in the end all participants thought that the audition process was a lot of fun! Stay tuned for future Sherlock Holmes news as the production nears.