Wall for New Science Dept Falls in Wind

contributions from Erica K.

Well with windy days in South Dakota come risks, and today students at Central High School saw why the remodeling area is surrounded by signs that mandate hard hats.

Students examine the remains of the wall

According to reports gathered by The Pine Needle, at 1:03 this afternoon, a wall that would have been one side of the new science department, fell. At 1:42, the scaffolding fell. Wind was likely the cause, as the National Weather Service reported winds at Rapid City Regional Airport at that time were gusting around 55 mph, though as yet Pine Needle reporters have not been able to interview construction workers. Mrs. Greenway, whose room looks out on the construction site, said the fall scared most everyone in her room: “It was pretty amazing. It shook the room.”

Freshman Kiani K. added, “I was sitting in my desk and everyone started yelling and the wall fell and it sounded like a huge boom and it bounced when it hit the ground.”

The photos are taken by Bailey Ellis. The Pine Needle will follow with more photos as photographers send them in.

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