Army Shows Students What Being a Soldier Is Like

by: Jeren Brownlow

On Wednesday the Army trailer filled with high tech equipment and everything Army came to Central High School to show everyone a few things. As you walk into the trailer you see a couple mannequins dressed in two types of Army outfits. You have a ground soldier, who is the soldier on the ground taking care of any enemy that air support can’t. Then you have the air soldier, who takes care of any enemy in the air or spots enemies for the ground troops.

Further in the trailer you find a shooting game and a layout of what MRE’s (meals ready to eat) look like. Then, towards the end, you have a full body mannequin in an exoskeleton type of armor. The Army is hoping that in a few years we will have the technology to create these exoskeletons, in which every soldier will be more bulletproof,will be faster and stronger, and will have a really fast gun attached to the suit to kill any enemy that gets in our way.

Next in the trailer you have night vision scenarios, then an automated machine gun that is operated from the back seat of a hummer. At that point, the trip is done. Maddie B. and Sarah A., juniors at Central, say that the Army van was really fun and a great learning experience. Their favorite part was the equipment, because “It was cool and shows how physically strong you have to be to wear it.”

Overall, the Army trailer teaches you a lot about the Army and how far they are willing to go to keep our soldiers safe.