One Creepy House: A Halloween Memory

by: Shelby T.

My brother and I were trick or treating a while back and we were having a really good time and there was a spooky looking house, so we went up to the doorstep. It was fairly dark, the only hint of light was from a black-light hung by the porch. The moon was covered by clouds, there were fake spider webs all around us, and I noticed a suspicious looking hole where there were no webs.

We always liked to examine the decorations and hard work people put into creating a very scary looking house. I turned to my left and there was an ugly, slimy, wrinkly, and smelly witch. It scared me becaue I turned and it was looking right into my eyes.

We stepped up to the door for some reason–there was no sign of light inside the home–and my brother reached out and rang the doorbell. We could hear it inside and so we stood there waiting. After about thirty seconds we decided that they probably weren’t home, but as we turned around to leave, the witch began moving and laughing. We turned back around and it was in a different position and its eyes were moving!

Then suddenly something out of the hole in the web snuck through and grabbed my arm; then a voice out of the dark whispered, “Do you want some candy?” And a man with a black mask pulled out a bowl of candy.


Photo credit: House of Spirits on Flickr by: Swainboat