JROTC Military Ball a Success

by: C/CPT Kelsey Harty

Every first Saturday of December, the cadets and their dates of Central High School, Army JROTC, get together for one night of dinner, awards, dancing, and fun!  This year the 15th annual JROTC military ball was held on December 4, 2010. Arrival was at five o’clock and the events started at six o’clock, but of course cadets started filling the room of the Ramkota around three o’clock.

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The military ball could be comparable to a high school prom; there is dancing, food, friends, and a D. J.  Some kids arrive in their own cars, some kids have their parents bring them, and others arrive in a limo! Upon arrival everyone is greeted by our own Major Conley, and all of our friends and classmates. Douglas Air Force JROTC and Sturgis Marine JROTC arrive as our guests of honor.

The night is kicked off with a performance from the drill team but before they march in with their fancy tosses, spins, and foot work everyone is asked to stand for the presentation of the colors. Following the drill team is the saber team; they perform with their swords while the colors of our country, state, and school are presented by our color guard.  The meaning of all of this is to welcome all of our guest and let everybody attending know what Central High School, Army JRTOC is all about. It’s really the kicker of the night.

Once the performance is over we are greeted my Major Conley and asked to take our seats. He gives his welcome speech which is basically him telling us about the battalion and the reason we have all gathered together. Following Major Conley is our Cadet Battalion Commander C/LTC Lizzie Bratager. She gives us an introduction about herself and a brief speech about how stressful it is for the battalion commander to put together the military ball. After all of the speeches are given everyone raises their glasses to a few toasts and dinner is served.

First course of dinner is a nice light salad, second is the main course, where cadets get to chose between steak dinner, chicken dinner, and a vegetarian dinner. Once everyone has finished their meals it is time for the final part of dinner and my personal favorite, DESSERT. This year for dessert we were served triple chocolate fudge cake. Everything was excellent.  After dinner the games are on! We start with a snowball race and a scavenger hunt.

Then it’s time for the main event, DANCING. Once the dance starts the mood in the room goes from tense and stressed to relaxed and fun. There isn’t much more that goes on after the dance so I guess you could say the dance pretty much wraps up the night until midnight when everyone has to go home!