Garlick’s Top Ten Dunks

by: Wyatt Garlick

With the NBA playoffs coming and the NCAA tournament finished, The Pine Needle brings you freshman Wyatt Garlick’s choice of the top ten dunks available for viewing online. The videos, unfortunately for you, will only be visible outside of school, but they’re worth coming back for. Trust us.

#10  – Do the John Wall

John Wall, 100% style.

# 9 Shaq Facial

The amazing talent of the young Shaq from LSU

# 8 Vince “Olympian” Carter

An extreme facial from Vince Carter to a poor France player.

# 7 Blake “The Monkey”

Blake Griffin going ape on the hoop.

# 6 Back Breaking Facial

Facial full of glass

# 5 Nate with Super Man

Nate “the Great” VS Dwight “The Super Man” Howard

# 4 Two is better than one

Two is always better than one.

# 3 MJ Rocks

Michael Jordan cradles the rock to sleep.

# 2 Air Congo

“Air Congo” Serge Ibaka goes big before going home.

# 1 Double that 360

Double trouble.