Cobblers Open Snack Shack for Students in Need

by: Jacob Sperlich

Hunger and poverty are not as uncommon as you would think.  Did you know that 1 in 7 individuals in South Dakota live below the poverty line?  That’s not all: 25% of South Dakota students are classified as hungry.  Here at Central High school, 100 students are known to be in a transitional or temporary housing situation, and for every one of those students classified there are most likely two more in need of assistance.

The Cobbler Learn and Serve program is helping students like these by opening a food pantry.  The “Snack Shack” will help students at Central High school who regularly miss morning and or evening meals.  To make sure the Snack Shack is used by students in need Learn and Sever will be taking referrals from staff members.  If you are a staff member who knows of a student in need you may send them to D102 between 3:20 and 3:45.  Staff members can also e-mail Stacey Rosdahl and she can get in touch with the student.

We need to help our fellow students out by recognizing the problem and responding in kind.  Many students and staff I have talked to think this is a great idea if we can keep the pantry stocked at all times.  My mom, who is a staff member at Central High School, says that “for this to work students need to get involved and help out.”  If any student wishes to help out with this project they can contact with Stacey Rosdahl, Lu Ann Mattern, and Ralph Knickrehm.  This would be a great thing to put into a college application as well.

There is a problem with hunger and poverty at Central High School and we need to realize that and find a way to help them out.  The students and advisors are starting a program that can help out these students and inspire others to do the same.