Tattoos a Common Mark

by: Megan Spring

The snake wound around his back and up onto his chest. The small tongue stuck out, piercing the side of his neck. I stared in awe at how fascinating the ink looked on his body. I wanted to touch the snake on his smooth skin just to confirm that it wasn’t real. It looked as if it would keep slithering around him.  I’m not sure who he was, but he was covered in tattoos.

Tattoos have become a staple for musicians

Have you ever just looked around, and seen people getting tattoos or talking about getting them? Nowadays people are covered in pictures of all different things, in all different places. This is influencing young teens to get tattoos and piercings because maybe they think it’s cool and attractive. As Kelsee Bachmeier, a sophomore at Central High School said, “As long as it wasn’t big or in an inappropriate area on my body, and if it was easy to cover up, I would definitely get one.”

At Wild Idea Tattoos studio, in Rapid City, their number one rule is that you must be at least 16 years old to enter the studio. So how are kids under 16 getting tattoos? Well I asked a few people (names n.a) how they got their tattoos when they were underage, and most of them said that they had their ink done by a friend who had all the equipment needed.  Then a very few others said that a family member was a tattoo artist and they got their parents approval.

Some people think tattoos are cool, and some people don’t. Some people wait to get a tattoo, and some people do it in secret hoping no one will find out. Do you want a tattoo, and if so, how badly? Do you want one so desperately that you would let someone without a tattoo license pierce your skin?

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  1. i got my first tattoo at the age of 14. because its something i love and its a way of expressing myself. it is small and hidden. i do however have plans on getting many more! i dont think its wrong to get it done under age and i support anyone who wants a tattoo. i think they are beautiful and they represent who you are.

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