Movie Buff: A look back on Made in Britain

by: Alan Smithee

Evil.   Do I think there is evil in the world? Oh yes, I do. Evil is everywhere, in everyone. But very few act out their evil thoughts, though there are just some people who want to see the world burn, and they light the fire. There many films about evil and one of my favorites is A Clock Work Orange, but I had to see that movie over and over to really get what it was about. Its message hides under its disturbing “artistic” look.

The film Made in Britain, however, shows you real world evil. There is nothing really artistic about it, just good acting and a sound track. What more can you ask for? This is Tim Roth’s first film (he was later in Reservoir Dogs and Funny Games) and I really think this is his best performance. He plays Trevor the skin head, a punk who enjoys crime and just (pardon my French) pissing people off. He brings a lot of power to the role, playing someone who simply doesn’t care. He would rather be in jail than go to school; I think he would rather even be dead.

As you can guess, our friend Trevor is up to no good and gets sent to a behavior center. He gets sent out to find a job with his unnamed friend who doesn’t really matter. The first thing he does when he is on the streets is steal a car. Oh, and then he buys paint and huffs it. Isn’t he just lovely? He goes to a job center and takes all the job cards out of the wall. He strikes a bad nerve in the lady at the front desk. He is forced to wait, but he doesn’t wait for anyone–he leaves and throws a rock through the window.

I can list all the bad things Trevor does, or I can just tell you to watch the movie. I first saw this on Netflix but, it’s no longer on there. So go rent it. The director Alan Clarke has made many classics, especially a lot of made for TV stuff. He is also known for starting acting careers. We talked about Tim Roth, but he also started Ray Winstone’s career and Gary Oldman’s! Check this movie out. It might just get you ready to watch A Clock Work Orange (oh, but if your parents ask I did not suggest A Clock Work Orange to you).