The Essence of Home Is Family

by: Regan Enos

No matter the time or the occasion the essence of home will always be family to me.

Whether you are arriving home from a trip around the world or just a walk around the block, home is a very welcoming place. Without my mom saying “Welcome home” or my younger siblings running out the door to greet me after a day at school I wouldn’t feel at home. I truly believe that when you walk into a home the factor to make a home feel welcoming is family. Feeling welcome is a feeling of being loved.

"Welcome Home" on Flickr used by creative commons license from The US Army

Many memories of mine were made at my house with my family. One memory of mine is playing hide and go seek with all of my many brothers and sisters in our basement. Our basement was a giant room with many prime hiding places, and an added element of darkness made the games a complete adventure. Together home and family are prime factors to making memories.

Whenever I am at home I always find myself being encouraged and uplifted. My mom is always there for me whether it is for a snack after school or a procrastinated science project. My sister, whom I share a room with, usually washes my clothes and it’s always encouraging coming home to a clean room. My younger sibling are always asking if I will play basketball with them or if I will play cars with them, which really does make me feel loved. All of my family members play vital roles in our home.

I hope to one day create an atmosphere where the essence of my home will be family. I truly believe that a strong foundation at home creates success in life. A home filled with love prepares me for loving others. I have been very blessed in growing up in a strong, loving home which I believe has been immensely beneficial. Although I realize this isn’t the case for all homes, I hope when you are the one starting a family or buying a home, family will be a priority in your home.

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