Deadline for Intramural Basketball Approaching

by: Wyatt Garlick

Mr. Talley says he will be joining another intramural basketball team this January and has made some confident predictions: “I took a year off last year but will be back playing this winter for the staff team. With my return and the addition of some other staff ‘All-Stars’ we are guaranteed to once again take the intramural title. A lot of our student teams are already talking smack but we will settle it on the court beginning January 8th!”

Students play basketball in PE class. Intramurals use PE rules. Photo by: Shelby Fleming

If you would like to create an intramural basketball team, go to the math department and talk to Mr. Conrad this week. There is no cost to play, and certainly no cost to watch. The games will be held in the gym here at Central on Sundays. Anyone who is playing or attending must enter through the east side of the building, and if it is snowy, players must put their basketball shoes on after they get inside.

A few other details of intramurals include:

  • Game details: 5 on 5, full court; running clocks for 8 minute quarters with a three minute halftime; Call your own fouls, make your own substitutions, keep your own score
  • Starts January 8th, ends in early March
  • After 5 weeks, teams will be paired according to win-loss record
  • Profanity gets you kicked out
  • At least 8 players needed per team and fewer than 4 means a forfeit; only rostered players can play
  • Can be all boys, all girls, or mixed