Students Face Preregistration – Here are some classes to consider!

By Andrea Renville, Nicole Krebs, and Amanda Thomson

With preregistration at our door steps, one may be asking one’s self, “What classes should I take?” This is a rather important question, because, after all, one would not want spend their sophomore, junior, or senior year in classes with no flavor.

Shakespeare with Mr. Sheehy will fulfill seniors' required literature credit.

Now you are probably asking, “What would you recommend?” We went to a slew of juniors and seniors, who have all gone through the paces, to see what they had to say.  Many said the usual: Myth and symbol with Bauer, and Psychology; but a few added some oddballs into the mix, like Shakespeare with Sheehy, Organic Chemistry with Farrar, and Stagecraft with Speck.

Many of these classes go overlooked but are great ways to spice up your schedule.  Shakespeare is almost the best kept secret of our school as some seniors would say, “It contains the best of everything.” Many students in this year’s class who thought they could not understand, enjoy, or respect Shakespeare fell in love with the works of the author that has stood the test of time, so this class comes highly recommended.

Then we have Organic Chemistry taught by Dr. Farrar. This is a very good class for anyone to take, especially if you plan on stepping into the collegiate world. A class like organic chemistry can be intense, but by the end of it you’ll be amazed as what you know. Finally we have Stagecraft with Mr. Speck, a class that explores the technical side of theatre and allows one to expand their technical skills on and off stage.

Dr. Farrar helps you understand things you might not realize you are capable of learning.

Going against the norm is a good thing, too. Instead of taking a run of the mill PE class, opt for a little extra difficulty with weight training or cardio classes to fulfill that credit. If you’re interested in foreign cultures, learning a new language is a start: French, German, Spanish, and Lakota are taught by some incredible teachers here at Central and you might find that you truly enjoy it.

Fine arts credits don’t restrict you to learning to play the saxophone or bongos! Choir is an option for anyone. If music isn’t your forte, the art department offers drawing and sculpting courses.

Other hidden gems you may want to take include Beyond the Books (formerly Learn N Serve), Journalistic Writing, Meteorology, Astronomy, Ancient Civilization, Prob. and Stats., Yearbook, Clay Construction, Web Design, and finally Basic Drawing.

The keys are, don’t just sign up for the first thing your friends mention and don’t build your entire schedule around trying to have no classes your senior year–ask around and find out about some of the great offerings Central has for you!

Stagecraft and design is many students' favorite class with Mr. Speck.