Central Dismantles Sturgis in District Playoff

by: Zach Renville & Donavin Neugebauer

Wednesday’s game for Central just came too easy as Central came out firing on all cylinders. First, though, let us introduce the two teams who faced off last night. Sturgis was on the road facing the Rapid City Central Cobblers. The game, after being cancelled the night before, started pretty early, basically right after all students got out of school. The game was a blow out, and you could chose whether Sturgis was just playing badly or had an off night, because in the 1st half they just weren’t hitting any of their shots. For Central though it was the icing on the cake. John Fierro, who plays PG/SG for the Cobblers, was on fire, hitting shot after shot and even getting teammates involved. In the first half he had 13 points and a number of assists. For other Cobblers like Cody Harris, and Ian Barrse, they just were looking to join in on the fun and score a little bit for the Central Cobblers.

The interesting thing about this game was that the there were about six or seven sophomores last night sitting for varsity and nobody knew whether they were going to play, but by the looks of it, the chances of them coming off the bench and playing a little bit were very high. By the half Sturgis had scored a measly 16 points as a team, and in the second half Central didn’t give up on it and were still adding on to their giant lead. Late in the game Coach Purcell decided the lead was large enough and brought all the starters out and put in the back-ups. Purcell brought in Jake Seales, Chance Taken, Myles Bartunick, Levi Pyle, and Nathan Miller. The score was so big that there were no worries for the Cobblers, and Nathan Miller and Levi Pyle got in on the scoring action. They didn’t score much, but it was good enough for Central to clinch a win. The final score for last night’s game was 68-47 as the Cobblers defeated Sturgis by a long shot. The team goes on to host Stevens high school in the next round of the district playoffs. That game is Friday night at 7pm, with the winner heading to the state tournament.