Prom Leaves Lasting Memories

by: Nicole Krebs and Andrea Renville

Prom was a success this past weekend, with the theme of sweet escape. In preparation for the day we asked people what they had planned for prom.

Becca W. said that she was going with a group of friends. Having dinner at a friend’s house and she planned on attending post prom.

Aaron B. told us that he had planned on taking pictures at Dinosaur Park with his group of friends and then meeting back at his home to have dinner, then later to attend prom and then check out post prom. Finally, ending up at a movie night with friends.

We also decided to ask a few teachers what they did for prom when they were in high school. Central’s very own theatre teacher, Mr. Speck, told us his very special prom experience. His date was the captain of the coeds and instead of wearing a dress to dance in; she wanted to wear a tux. So, Mr. Speck and his date both wore a tux. They were even featured in the Rapid City Journal.

Along with their past prom, we asked them what has changed since they went to prom.

Mrs. Anderson told us that prom seems to cost significantly more than it did when she went, and it is a lot less formal. Back then, you went with a date or you didn’t go whereas now going with a group of friends is very common. The dancing is also a lot different.

Prom is a day that nobody is soon to forget because of all the memories that are made.