Homecoming Week Starts Off Well

Homecoming week opened with a bang at Central High School Monday. On Monday ancient Egyptians infiltrated the school, culminating in the evening’s coronation ceremony, where Luke Deurmier was crowned king (or should we say Pharaoh?) and Mikaeala Frank was crowned queen. Seniors in their court include Lana Lacy and Ben Dingus and Chelsey Carmichael and Eric Boal. The junior page and escort were  Evelyn Martin and Asher Pikula; sophomore page and escort were Kourtney Kirsch and Caden Darrow; and the freshmen page and escort were Sydney Knigge & Trenton Multz.

Events continue this week, with class color day going well and Wednesday’s theme being hillbilly. Thursday is Hollywood day, and Friday, of course, is Cobbler day, meaning wear your red and white and plan to be at the football game against Douglas.

Here are a few shots from around school during the beginning of homecoming, courtesy of Kaylie Walz and Jade Redleaf.

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