Game Review: Starfox

By Joe Raudebaugh

Star Fox is one of the best series Nintendo has created, and the best rail shooter out there. The game Star Fox is about a fighter squadron called StarFox. The team includes Fox McCloud, a fox, Falco Lombardi, a bird, Peppy Hare, a rabbit, Slippy Toad, a frog,and two other characters: General Pepper and Andross, the main antagonist of the series. The game is Andross invading the Lylat system, with his army forces. StarFox starts from Corneria, the main planet in the Lylat system and you have three paths to choose from. And at the end of the path you fight Andross and are victorious, and bring peace to the system. Or you fail along the way and die a horrible fiery death.

StarFox used the Super FX chip, which gave it the sleek look. Overall the game play is smooth; the graphics are good looking (for Super NES). The only problems I have with this game are there is no multiplayer and also no save feature, which would help. Still, this game had a lot of positive feedback and I mostly wish that the game would be longer, as the game holds up as one of the greatest Super Nintendo games of all time.

This game broke new ground before StarFox 2-D games were all the rage. It made people think differently about games on home consoles, realizing they could become better than arcade games, and you could enjoy them at home . . . without paying a quarter.

This game is solely based on replay value, there’s no save feature, like I mentioned before, so you have to do it in one sit-down. This can be pretty tantalizing at times, but when you don’t beat Andross you feel like this great game should come to an end. And when it does you feel great because you beat a pretty good game.

This game’s music grows on you especially the music after you beat a level. I still hum that little tune sometimes. And the asteroid belt level’s music is really impressive. Plus the different planets have different music.

Overall this game is in my top ten for Super NES games to own and play. Their play value is amazing and the graphics are beautiful.

This game is well liked among Nintendo fans and just the same with the series. You should go out buy a super Nintendo and this game and a few others. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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