Cobblers Open Up Cobbler Cafe

By Joe Raudebaugh

Photo by: Kaylie Walz

That’s no concession stand you’re seeing on the east end of Central High School, it’s a new store selling students all the goodies they most want near the end of a school day. Operated by the Beyond the Books students, the Cobbler Café is open during 4th block and after school to provide snacks for the people of Central High School. The goal of the Cobbler Café is to provide healthy yet cheap snacks and to have Cobblers helping each other so no one goes hungry. The help comes through the distribution of the Café’s profits, which go to the Snack Shack, an outreach effort to provide free and healthy snacks for students who may have missed meals.  Mrs. Mattern explains the dual role of the Cobbler Cafe succinctly in the Cafe’s mission statement: “Where purchasing something today, feeds a Cobbler in need tomorrow.”

Certain items the café has include Slim Jims, Rice Krispy Treats, V8 juice, and water. As time goes on and customers reveal their preferences, the selection may change, so go and support our very own Cobbler Café, and the best of luck to the students and teachers who run it.

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