Weekly Roundup: Musicians Christen New Stage

This week marked the beginning of the second quarter, and with the ending of the first quarter came parent-teacher conferences. The arrangement was slightly different this year, as teachers in the freshmen wing stayed in the classrooms rather than come to the commons with the rest of the faculty. Admin has reported that, despite the beautiful weather, Tuesday 454 families came to the conferences, a 22 family increase from the same session of conferences in 2010 (numbers from 2011 are unknown). Last year 363 came to the second set of conferences, so we’ll see on Thursday, November 8th whether our numbers will remain high.


Immediately following the conferences was the opening event in the new theater. The orchestra and marching band wowed a standing-room only audience even before playing a note, because they all fit on the stage at once! When they played their sets, including a few combined numbers (Did you know the orchestra plays the school song too?), the audience was truly impressed. It was a fitting way to christen the new stage. Thanks to Mariah Shelley for the impressive photo.


As tradition holds, Halloween week is the week of the anatomy and physiology blood drive. Students in Mrs. Linde’s class have been sharing a few statistics to motivate donors:

  • 80 – the percent of the population who will need blood at one point in their lives
  • 60 – the percent of the population qualified to donate blood
  • 5 – the percent of the population who actually donate blood
  • 1 – the pints of blood needed to save 3 people’s lives


While we don’t keep official statistics on how many people dressed up for Halloween, the photographers continue to patrol the hallway and document the wonderful costumes. There were a number of creative looks in school, from a walking, talking banana to an official kimono-dressed South Dakotan, to a human marionette, but the talk of the day was how Disney, in addition to buying out George Lucas, seems to have bought out the math department, replacing our crack faculty with a set of dwarfs and a strangely busted princess bearing a faint likeness to Mr. Snoozy. Thanks to Kiani Krantz for the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The volleyball team took care of business last night in the first round of the district playoffs, downing Douglass in straight sets. (If you missed the recap in the Journal you can find it here.) Next up are the Stevens Raiders Tuesday night here at Central. Students’ tickets will be $3 and adults $5–don’t miss it!


Speaking of tickets, you can get your tickets to next week’s performances of To Kill a Mockingbird in the activities office. It’s the drama department’s first chance to play on the new theatre’s stage, and it promises to be a good one.


We have to end with a tile update, of course. Currently tile crews are mortaring a section of tile just east of the art department’s doors. The bottleneck there is minimal. We’ll see which section comes next . . .

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