Short Story: The Hitchhikers

By John Fierro

My fiancé and I got picked up on the side of the road about ten miles back. The driver was a little old lady who walked with a hunch. If it had been anyone else we probably wouldn’t have gone. I just didn’t see any harm in it. If I just would have checked the oil, we wouldn’t have been in that predicament and everything would still be fine.

As we pulled into the driveway of the little old woman’s house, I thought to myself how beautiful the outside of the house was.  She didn’t say much to us besides the fact that she could provide food and shelter for the night. I was pleased.

My fiancé followed as we took our first steps inside. It smelled absolutely awful. The only thing I could see was trash. Boxes were stacked all around to the ceiling and there were carpet trails that lead from room to room. I had never seen something like this before. Everywhere I looked there was useless junk.

I asked her to point me towards the restroom but she hadn’t said anything to me. I followed the trail that went through a hoarding mess. Door number one had a poster on it that read “Do no enter.” I couldn’t resist.

The door wouldn’t budge. I leaned my shoulder into it, and the door popped open, striking the wall. What I saw next will haunt me forever.

Over three dozen cats were stuffed into the bathroom.

Quickly, I rushed through the crowded house and reached Lela. I briefly explained what I saw to her, and we both agreed to get out that house and find help for the old woman. An elderly lady should not be living in those conditions, and I’m going to find out how she wound up there.