A Thinker Among Us: Rain inspired thinking

By Bailey Morgan

“Thinker Thinks” on Flickr used by permission from David Yu

How well do you know the people around you? How well do you know yourself? Do you know more about them, or you and which do want to know more about? I’ll admit that these can be pretty deep, almost soul searching questions and you don’t have to answer them, and I won’t be putting my answers here.  But it seems—and this is just my personal opinion—that these questions seem to pop into ones head when it is raining. Kind of ironic isn’t it? That these questions seem come to light when the sun is not shining.

It was John Steinbeck who said, “One can find so many pains when the rain is falling,” and I’d have to agree. Think about it, I often hear people say that they sometimes like to have a rainy day because it gives one the valid excuse to do absolutely nothing. It’s like when George on Seinfeld needed Newman to deliver an eggplant calzone (it’s a long story, don’t ponder on it) and he refused. Why? “Because,” Newman would say condescendingly, “it’s raining.” And yes, I do believe that a Seinfeld quote is on equal terms with Steinbeck, thank you.

But in all seriousness, rainy days truly are days of reflections, to reminisce on one’s dreary past or glumly contemplate one’s future, the more depressing the better. It’s almost as if we are competing against the weather on who can be more dismal. But truly, you and I both know that the rain always wins.