Weekly Roundup: NHS induction and more

Central is hosting the state AA volleyball tournament, but as things turned out, our girls didn’t make it in themselves . . . So while we might have the feeling of being Cinderella working at the ball instead of dancing with the prince, we are proving that without a doubt the Cobblers are good hosts and that Rapid City is a perfect place to hold a tournament.


On Wednesday evening the National Honors Society inducted 100 new members in its annual induction ceremony. Like any good ceremony, it involved candles and people in dressy clothes–five candles to be precise, and all 213 NHS members had to wear things like ties and leave things like jeans at home. By all accounts, they were wonderful. Mr. Talley and Dr. Mitchell spoke briefly to a crowd that likely would not have fit inside the old theater. Ms. Bauer has reported that she was mighty pleased that the candles burned for the entire 45 minutes and that she didn’t burn down the new fine arts wing.


Mrs. Heuston and her students continue to have a blast down stairs with the Wake Up Cobblers! coffee shop. The new shop, which we reported on here at the Pine Needle and which has been featured on Keloland TV, provides students a chance to operate a store and learn job-skills while making teachers particularly perky. Did you know they’ll even deliver a teacher’s coffee to the classroom or office? Now does Starbucks do that? Anyway, one exciting development is that Mrs. Heuston has been getting emails from teachers all over the country requesting information about how to start a coffee shop run by students with disabilities. As Mrs. Heuston points out, it is “amazing PR and really fun to connect with people in different parts of the US.” You can learn more about the Wake Up Cobblers! shop at their website.


Speaking of perky, Mr. Slaback has been looking particularly pleased lately, as the Cobbler Knowledge Bowl Team has been rolling over competition. In the finals held last Saturday at Douglas High School, Central teams finished first and third. The rounds were shorter due to weather (remember when it snowed?) but our Cobblers met the challenge. Mr. Slaback points out that “this is only the second time a high school has managed to finish first and third, and that the first team to do so was . . . Rapid City Central.”


Last weekend’s drama club performances once again thrilled its audiences, this time with To Kill a Mockingbird. Strangely, the Saturday of the play marked the second year in a row that snow has fallen on the day of the show–is there something about theatre that invokes such wonderland scenes? Certainly the show kept things warm, as is easy to see even in the snapshots captured by Leah Gustilo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For the weekly tiling update, The Pine Needle has been considering how to represent the sound the concrete grinder makes. “ANANANNANANANANANANANA” seems fairly accurate, though almost any nasal consonant paired with a vowel would likely work. For the uninitiated, the concrete grinder is that device the tilers use to level the concrete floor before they can do any actual tiling (you can read about them at Wikipedia here) and it’s become the ubiquitous sound track to the year –particularly as the tilers have spent the week grinding concrete opposite the commons. Perhaps the seniors will record it as an .mp3 file and make it their class song. The Pine Needle can also report, however, that things quiet down quite nicely at about 4:00pm . . .

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