Break it Down Now! Hip Hop Dance Team Grabs Central’s Attention

by: Sammy Ehlers

This year Central has a new step/hip hop dance team. They practice twice a week after school (Monday and Thursday). Their team has been working very hard ever since they started. Believe it or not more than 20 people have tried out and made the team. It’s  been very exciting for them to show students what they’ve got and they hope they can encourage others to think about trying out for it next year. Since it includes step and hip hop, it’s perfect for everyone, unless of course you only listen to rock.

You may have seen them perform for the first time on February 10th during the pep assembly. That won’t be the last time. They’ve also made appearances as a halftime show at basketball games and were in the Cobbler Capers as well. Come and watch them perform, they would love your support!