Scheduling Leaves Lots of Questions about What Is What

by: Ashlee Sell

Every year the students at Central High School sign up for classes for the upcoming year. Students are more likely to sign up for classes that they know most about and that interest them. For many classes students don’t know exactly what goes on behind the doors.

There are many different kinds of English classes here at Central, some are myth and symbol, tech writing, journalism, and creative writing. Most of these unknown classes are senior writing classes. Many students have heard of these classes but don’t quite know much information about them. Myth and Symbol is learning about myths of different cultures, the origins of myths and their effect upon different literature. Journalism and creative writing are classes where students get to express their writing abilities. Journalism is more writing for journals (like The Pine Needle) and creative writing is fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing. Tech writing is learning to write in a workplace including letters, presentations, and reports.

Many know about personal finance, which is a requirement to graduate, but many don’t know much about our other business classes. Sports entertainment and marketing, and intro to business are two of them. Sports entertainment and marketing is a class teaching the mix of the marketing business with sports. It covers sponsors, how advertisements work, and how the entertainment industry makes its money. Intro to business is a class where students learn the basics of how to start out in a business, and how businesses work to maintain their customers and growing their businesses. Mr. Pearson teaches many of the business classes here at Central.

Two other classes that are enjoyable and somewhat unknown are yearbook and Learn and Serve. Yearbook is the class where our very own Pinecone is made. It’s a class where you can show your creativity and another way you can get involved with the school. Learn and Serve is a program where students get hands on experience while learning in the community through internships. Work skills and job sustainment are the main skills of the program.

High school is the best four years of your life, so while classes expand be aware of the classes added. One might just be your new favorite class.