Short Story: A Divided House

By Brad Green

Once upon a time there was a family and the two parents hated each other and their two kids. But the kids didn’t know they hated them. The parents were opposite from each other and the kids. The dad didn’t have a job and he had never had a job before and he just played video games and watched TV all day and ate chips and worshiped the devil. And the mom was a black belt in karate and she owned a construction company and she did all the heavy lifting so her employees didn’t have to do it. And she went to church every Sunday with her kids. And they only stayed together for their kids.

But one day she came home from work and her husband was worshiping the devil and she didn’t know he did that because he always did it while she was at work. She got really mad at him and they started fighting and he pushed her and she jumped up and round house kicked him in the face and he fell out of the two story window and she body-slammed him and kicked him till he stopped breathing and then she got scared cause she killed her husband. She took his body inside and laid it in bed and covered it up with a blanket and told her kids he was sick and not to talk to him. And after 15 years of him lying in bed all day the kids started to get suspicious.

The kids went in there a few months later and uncovered the blanket and saw their dad’s bones and went to the police station and told them what they saw, and the police went there and arrested the mom and took her straight to prison without a trial. When she was in prison whenever anybody tried to shank her or beat her up in a prison riot she round-house kicked them. Then one night she broke out of prison: she kicked her cell door open and knocked out a guard and took his gun and shot all the locks off the doors and walked out the front door of the prison and stole a cop car and drove home.

When she got there she decided to hide the bones so she couldn’t get caught again, but her kids woke up and saw her trying to hide the bones and they shot both her shins off so she couldn’t kick anyone anymore and she learned her lesson. She went back to prison and finished out her time and then went home to her kids, and they still live at home even though they are like in their 40s.