Book Review: Hunger Games

by: Becky Campbell

Quick Facts

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is part of the series entitled the Hunger Games. The second and third books are Catching Fire and Mockingjay. HG is to become a motion picture sometime in 2013.

Story and Plot

HG takes place in the far future of America after much turmoil engulfed the country, and the President really is a dictator. The back story is explained in the book so I won’t give too many spoilers. Since this book is in a series, it does leave the reader hanging. It is not necessary to read the entire series in order to understand the book, but it is highly recommended that you do.


The main character you get to know is Katniss since the story is in first person present, which is unusual but necessary. You learn about other characters from Katniss’s point of view as well as what her relationship is to them.

Recommended Reading

If you enjoyed this book, definitely read Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

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