Christmas Trees Overtake Library

By Mary Bright and library staff

This is the last week for the eighth annual Festival of Trees, so if you haven’t been to the library yet this month be sure and come up and see the trees. Mrs. Mertes explains that with the festival, “Different organizations put up decorated trees in Central’s library. Students and staff get to vote for their favorite tree by donating money in the library.”

Mrs. Holen, the newest helper in the library, points out that it’s “very exciting to see the trees, to see what they come up with and the creativity.”

Trees decorated by the Central Coffee Shop, the Spanish Club, and the Reading Class were all top vote getters this last week.  Students can take care of their library fines and help their favorite group win bragging rights for being the top vote getter for this year’s Festival of Trees. Of course, the library will accept all donations, so you don’t have to have a fine to participate. Each year the library donates to a different local organization who could use the money, and this year all proceeds go to the Club for Boys and Girls Inc.

Thanks to Megan Haibeck for taking pictures of the library!

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