Taking Stock of Spring Styles

by Cassidy Muller

Spring is right around the corner and I think everyone knows what most girls have on their minds: the latest fashions, of course. Weather-wise, in the spring it will usually be sunny and warm, with some showers here and there. It can also get pretty hot during the days sometimes and cooler at night. This means dresses, shorts, t-shirts, capris, sandles, and light jackets. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited and have taken the time to look up some of the latest 2013 spring fashion trends.

Olive and oak print are on an upward trend in fashion this spring.
Olive and oak print are on an upward trend in fashion this spring.

Online on the Seventeen Magazine’s website it showed the top 10 spring 2013 fashions. The first one they showed was bright dresses. Olive and oak print dresses were the second. Along with a few other dresses, graphic leggings are a huge style these days. Plus galaxy print is all the rage.

Pinterest is another way I keep up with the latest trends. You can search whatever you want and it will always come up with something! A quick examination of Pinterest revealed that the latest spring fashion statements are super cute. I saw things such as loose shirts tucked into high waisted shorts with a simple cardigan over the top. It also seems that some girls have been into the high-waisted, pleated-type skirt with a different color tank tucked in, with another different colored blazer over top. It seems that coral is a favorite color this year so far, and there are a lot of random colors being paired together. Some skirts and long dresses are also in, mainly the high to low bottoms. Even denim jackets and vest are back in sometimes. As far as shoes go, a lot of girls are wearing colorful or patterend wedges, or lace up boots with thick heels. Combat boots are also very in. Spikes have been added on to a lot of the shoes these days to give them a little extra pizzaz.

All of these styles are super duper cute. You can find them pretty much anywhere. You can even make some of them! I hope this article helps you find the latest trends that you love! Have a great trendy Spring!(: