Lunch Options Expand with Subs and Drinks

by Raven Walters

Rapid City Central High school’s cafeteria food has improved. Before, the choices were between regular lunch, al carte, or a salad. Now we have all those choices but also a sub that is made with your preference of meat, cheese, and veggies. The subs cost the same as a normal lunch which makes it a great alternative for students when their least favorite lunch is being served.

The lunch team assembles quality lunches for Cobbler students. Photo by Hannah Drewitz.
The lunch team assembles quality lunches for Cobbler students. Photo by Hannah Drewitz.

Not only has the food improved but so have the drink choices. Central’s café has always had milk, water, and apple juice. Those are great selections, but vitamin water, tea, orange juice, and Gatorade have all been added to make a wide variety of beverages. When a lunch lady asked one of the students at Central, Noah Fenske, what he thought about the new drinks, he explained, “I like the drinks, there are a lot of different choices for whatever you’re feeling at the time.”

Ice cream has always been the main seller for Central, and lunch ladies really know how to mix up the toppings and make the dessert enjoyable for everyone. Cookie dough is a big favorite, but many students chose Oreo as the best topping. Ashley Solano says, “Oreo is my favorite kind. I like it with vanilla ice cream and sometimes chocolate syrup!” A lot of her peers agree with this statement.

The rumor is nobody likes the school lunch and everything is gross. Maybe the school lunch isn’t something you would pick to eat on the weekends, but for school, Central High school lunch staff is making the best out of it.

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