Year Ends Well with Memorable Commencement

The end has come.

But not for the track team, which is traveling to the state track meet as we write. The girls won the last GDC meet but will have their work cut out for them at state. Look for the field events to be a crucial piece. Of course, when it comes to championships, it’s all crucial, and  the Cobbler runners will have to be speedy if they’re going to win it all. Good luck, girls!


Graduation was a hit with peppy and insightful speeches from Ms. Bauer, Genevieve Kennedy, Aubyn Swigart, and, of course, Kayla McCaskell, who brought down the house with her class of 2013 rap. If you missed it, we’ve got a copy of the lyrics and video footage:

Class of 2013,
The best dang class that the world has ever seen.
The class that started with the new construction,
Even though there hasn’t been much production.
The tiles are probably still getting laid.
Our glorious teachers are barely getting paid.
Oh, no! Here comes Norma! “Where’s your I.D.?”
I don’t have it? “DETENTION! ROOM D203!”Most of us live for happiness and wealth,
I think I just live to embarass myself.
Here I am on the stage like a dunce,
But how do I end this? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!


Have a great summer, Cobbler family. We’ll see you in the fall!