A Student’s Overview of Syria

By Cullen Knowles

Syria map lookOur government has once more fallen under the shadow of controversy. With the US on the brink of becoming involved in the Syrian crisis, many Americans are extremely concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of using military intervention to resolve the conflict. Bashar al-Assad has obviously used chemical weapons against his own people, which is a blatant violation of international law and could easily justify the use of military force to confiscate the weapons. However, interfering could be even more detrimental to an already volatile situation, and ensnaring our nation in another deadly conflict is a contrast to what most Americans desire.  This situation lacks both simplicity and clarity, and while some type of response is necessary, our government must analyze its options carefully before it makes a decision.

The information on the Syrian situation is, to say the least, very obscure regarding any potential drawbacks the US could face for military intervention. In other words, any action could lead to unprecedented consequences. As a result of this, the President and Congress have been put into an extremely awkward position, and the fact that reliable information is scarce compounds the situation even more. With Russia presenting a possible diplomatic solution, Obama is attempting to gain Congressional support for a military strike in order to gain leverage in the situation (Cohen). However, the Constitution does not require the president to seek approval from Congress in order to launch an attack against Syria. That being said, Obama does not want to go into this situation without the approval of the American people, which is why he is currently seeking consent from Congress. However, the majority of Americans believe that intervention will only lead to another decades long quagmire with an atrocious conclusion (Cohen). Overall, the complexity of the situation in Syria leaves very few options on the table, and virtually all of the choices are inadequate.

The Syrian conflict is undoubtedly one of the most controversial situations in the world, and attempting to find an easy solution will be futile. Our nation must take some kind of a stance on the issue, but we must not act rashly without knowing the potential consequences, and even our best intentions could have an abominable impact upon the situation. Information should be the ultimate priority of this issue, but there seems to be a blatant lack of it.

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