Weekly Roundup: Launching gourds, conscession upgrades, and soccer hopes

On Tuesday, September 23rd, cross town rivals Central and Stevens met on the women’s soccer pitch for a rematch. After getting a lead in the first half from a goal from Leah Emerson, the Cobbler girls felt strong. When Morgan Wood of Stevens scored a goal in the second half, both teams fought for a lead like it was a fight for the death. The rematch ended up as a tie, both teams wishing it was a win for them. Going into the match Stevens was ranked third, but after the weekend are now placed at first. Central on the other hand was and still is ranked sixth. With both teams playing their last game of the regular season on Saturday, they both hope to come out with a slot in the state tournament.


The Wake Up Central coffee shop is in action this year, with students learning job skills by serving staff and faculty with a full service coffee bar. Photo by Cassie Hand.
The Wake Up Central coffee shop is in action this year, with students learning job skills by serving staff and faculty with a full service coffee bar. Photo by Cassie Hand.


The recent hookah pen and e-vape add-on to the student handbook has become a topic of discussion. Last year, hookah pens and e-vapes became very popular. That year, Mr. Seales and administrators collected 10 hookah pens/ e-vapes before the rule was added to the handbook. This year, hookah pens and e-vapes have been declining in popularity. Admin have only collected one hookah so far. Hookah and e- vape are scientifically proven to be more dangerous than cigarettes.


Under new leadership, Rory Fenske has given the concessions a much needed upgrade. The concessions now feature fruit smoothies and blended coffee along with popsicles, super nachos and a much larger variety of drinks and candy. He hopes that the new product will generate more revenue and happier spectators.


Mr. Rigg’s gigantic physic classes will be stepping up to the plate to launch innocently dressed-up gourds over 50ft. This will be a fun event for the students in the task of testing their mechanical and physics knowledge. Of course, since this is no mere simple assignment given by Mr. Riggs. No! The assignment will grant the victors, the champs, the top dogs of the physic classes a chance to participate in the opening ceremony of School of Mine’s pumpkin-launch event on September 27th at Main Street Square.


Get ready for a Blast to the Past! October 6th-10th is a week to be excited about. Cobblers will start the week digging through their parents and grandparents closets. Everyone is encouraged to dress like the 50s on Monday, 60s & 70s on Tuesday, 80s & 90s on Wednesday. Central High School will colorful on Thursday when all students are wearing their class colors & senior togas. The fun week will end on Friday in a red-out followed by the big homecoming football game! Less than 24 hrs. after, the girls will be looking beautiful & the guys will looking handsome also at the 2014 Blast to the Past homecoming!


The cast list is up and Central High’s Theatre department has begun production on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the first show of the “Life is but a Fantasy” serious this year. “This is the first Shakespeare we’ve done since Hamlet in 2009”, says Joey Lore, the drama department’s technical director. With a strong cast and crew, our seniors are ready to raise the bar and leave their legacy. This notorious show premiers November 13th, 14th, 15th and is expected to wow the theatre fans as they have in previous years.


Needing some ideas for the 2014 Cobbler Cup dress up days? We’ve got some tips:

  • Monday is brainaic day, some suggestions would be glasses, plaid shirts, hiked up pants with suspenders, and long socks. DO NOT FORGET YOUR POCKET PROTECTORS.
  • Tuesday is sports, show your pride with your favorite team’s jersey.
  • Wednesday is Hawaiian day, raid your parent’s closets for tourist clothes and leis.
  • Thursday is comfy day, roll out of bed and come to school.
  • Friday is western day, mosey on down to the general store and pick yourself up a rope and a pair of cowboy boots.


Contributors to this article include Calista Giannonatti, Kirsten Ahlrichs, Nizhoni Richards, Gerry Zhu, Katelyn Wachendorf, Jensen Wright, Garrett Hougland, Jake Preble, Tyler Seales, and Jake Ball.

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