Pine Needle Gift Guide 2014

Christmas is upon us and so is the need for many of us to track down the perfect gift. Whether finding something for your loved one or finding the perfect gift for a white elephant exchange, the need is there. Luckily so is the Internet, and the Pine Needle staff has scoured the web to find the greatest gifts you have not considered. Without further ado, here is what you can actually get someone for Christmas.

Taco Truck Holder

taco holderAre you tired of your tacos falling down when you stand them up, well here’s the gift for you and the whole family. The new Taco Truck Taco Holder makes your life easier by holding the tacos in place. Just think, no more placing your tacos up and then having them fall and empty out all of their contents, while you just sit there and stare at the mess you just made while thinking about how your life is a mess, and then you get on your hands and knees and you start crying out “why, why must Stacy from the office get a raise before me?” Well no more of that, now your family can enjoy a mess free taco night. With the Taco Truck Taco Holder, you also have a fun little truck that you can pretend is an actual taco truck. So make your taco nights fun nights with the new Taco Truck Taco Holder. – Ian Ochesky

Laser Cat Toy

laser cat toy

The laser cat toy is the prefect item to give to that one friend that has cats and doesn’t pay attention to them, or even if you are that friend, just buy it and within three to four business days you can entertain your energetic cat for hours with this automatic moving cat laser toy. The machine has a high-tech laser strong enough to shine on the floor and will move around in various directions, which for some cats, and even some dogs, will be irresistible to chase. The laser toy is especially effective for playful kittens and dumb little puppies. Don’t want a white one? It comes in black and blue. Be sure turn it off or your cat will run itself wild. – Jake Ball

Desktop Drum Set

desktop drum set

Have you ever been stuck on getting a gift for someone that only bangs their hands on their desk, or the table, or the nearest hard surface they can find? Well, I have the perfect gift for you: it’s the Desktop Drum Set! You just set it on the nearest desk and play the drums. It includes a tom-tom, two snares, a cymbal, and even two mini drum sticks! Now instead of having to listen to the annoying noise of hands hitting a hard surface, you can listen to an actual drum beat. Your little boy (or grown man) just became a rock star. It fights perfectly on a common desk, 14-inchs by 15-inches. And its only $14.95! So much better than an actual drum set. You better hurry and buy this miniature drum set for your little rocker and get to jamming! – Calista Giannonatti

Skateboard Stroller

Photo from Vαnesα E. Vidαl.
Photo from Vαnesα E. Vidαl.

Have a friend who is always stuck at home with the kids or babysitting? Do you miss Longboarding or skating with them? Tell them to bring the kid and get ready to cruise now with the skateboard stroller. The skateboard stroller is the perfect gift for a young parent or friend this Christmas. The skateboard stroller originated in progressive mufti-cultured California where parents are looking for cheaper ways to get around. Although it may be difficult to control for some, the skateboard stroller is perfect for people who have prior experience boarding. Urban neighborhoods are now utilizing this new way of transportation for kids. The skateboard stroller has many different forms, it can come with a longboard or a skateboard, and rumors of a snowboard stroller have been heard of. If you are interested in different colored strollers that is also available. The skate stroller will be a perfect gift this season and will be able to be used all through the year. Full warranty is available as well as many different designs. – Nate Tilley


pot n putt

Do you ever spend countless hours on the porcelain throne looking for activities to pass the time? What do you do after your social networking feeds run dry and you are out of options for potty entertainment? Introducing Pot-N-Put Bathroom Golf “Sink one while you stink one.” Pot-N-Put comes with the putting green, 2 golf balls, a putter, a flagstick, and of course, a “do not disturb sign.” The Pot-N-Putt will help improve your golf game and help pass those sometimes long bathroom times. You can buy your own Pot-n-Putt for the Price of only 18.95. A great gift for the golfers in your life! – Garret Hougland

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

slam dunk toilet bball

Speaking of passing the toilet time, you can also get the perfect gift for every basketball fanatic in your family. The Slam Dunk Toilet is the perfect gift for that loved one that just can’t get enough of the game. It offers a complete basketball hoop with net and backboard, a ball dispenser and three mini foam basketballs. It also comes with a “half-court” toilet mat so you can really get into the game. You will never find yourself sitting on the toilet with nothing to do again. You can make one lucky bathroom the place to be for only 18 dollars. A small price to pay for endless fun while doing your duty! – Jake Preble

Dog Hoodie

dog hoodie

If your small pet struggles to stay warm during the cold winters then consider keeping Mr. Fluffums warm this winter season with these stylish pet hoodies. Made from 100% cotton, these sleeved pet hoodies will make your pet feel cool while staying warm. – Tyler Seales



What is a tank? A giant heavy armored vehicle weighing in the tons that can easily deflect shots and is an excellent driving vehicle. To own one might be difficult but if you are persistent and stubborn enough you may see to it that you’ll be owning a tank.

I will state it’ll cost $60,000 and higher.  Plus, maintenance is going to be a pain in rear. Also, the size is tricky, but if you have the money, I’m sure you have a garage ready for your new tank. Lastly, you might have government agencies spying on you the minute you buy one, but they probably already are. NSA is the creepiest.

Think of the pros, though. A T-72 can go up to 60km/h (37mph), which is a good speed for a giant metal behemoth weighing in the tons. If someone tries to pass you, ram the sucker; if someone is doing something stupid and may end up colliding into you, don’t do anything; and you can totally run over stop signs and stoplights and run right into traffic screaming, “WHERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS STOPLIGHT NOW?!” Other benefits include driving off the road and bragging rights due to the fact that you have a giant metal box that goes pew pew pew.

With a certain holiday coming up (Christmas), why not go to Czech or call a certain company known as the Excalibur Army and order your tank? Sure, it’ll end up coming next year rather than on Christmas, but who cares when you get to drive a tank? It’s going to be the best late-Christmas gift ever, like ever. Just imagine it, owning a T-72. Just, like, shhhh . . . and imagine it. . . . Beauteous isn’t it? – Gerry Zhu

Rainbow Shower

color changing shower

Have you ever dreamed of showering in a rainbow? The whole light spectrum raining down on you in a warm, clean stream? Now you can! Introducing the color changing shower head. Unlike any other ordinary shower head, this one uses LED lights to produce a colorful waterfall. The LEDs are powered by water pressure in some sort of generator so there are absolutely no cords or batteries required (which is pretty good when dealing with water). It’s also cheap, at only $39.99 it’s the perfect gift for anyone you know. Give it to the family hippy, it’s guaranteed they’ll love it forever. Or give it to the shortest person in the family as a hilarious joke. No worries if you don’t even have a shower, buy one, because this is completely worth it to literally brighten up your day every single morning! – Adam Henrickson