Women’s Soccer Battles through Challenging Week

By Calista Giannonatti

The Lady Cobblers fell short against their cross-town rivals Tuesday at Sioux Park Stadium. The game opened with Maddison Sullivan scoring a beautiful goal in the top right corner off an assist from Taylor Sewell. The Raiders quickly regrouped and punched in two goals, back-to-back, on the Cobblers. The first came off of a corner kick and the second was a clean pass trough the Cobblers’ defensive line to a header into the goal. Cobbler Meaghan Keohane tied the score back up when she made a PK from about 25 yards out. At halftime the score stood 2-2.

Going into the second half, the Raiders applied more pressure on the Cobbler defense, slipping in yet another goal. Their next goal came off of a free PK because of a handball in the goal box. Central goalie Therese Wilhelmi was able to get a hand on the ball but it still slipped in. The Raiders again notched a score a few minutes later, bringing it to 5-2.

Although the Cobblers tried, they could not get the ball into the Raider’s goal again. The cross-town rival game ended in a Raider win, 5-2.

The Raiders are first in state with 6-0-1 record. The Cobblers are sevent at 3-2-2. With only a few games left in the regular season (playing Stevens again in two weeks), the Cobblers need to fight it out the rest of the season. Only the top eight go onto the first round of state.

The Cobblers travel to Spearfish Saturday for their next game.

Friday: Rapid City Central 2 Aberdeen Central 2

Friday night the Cobbers hosted Aberdeen Central in a last second nail-biter. The game began with both teams testing each other, and Aberdeen scoring on the Cobblers first. Once Aberdeen got their pace going, they scored on the Cobblers again, heading into the half with a two goal lead. After the second half got rolling, the Cobblers picked up their pace, pounding twelve shots on goal in the first ten minutes. It wasn’t until seven minutes left in the game that Madison Sullivan scored off  an assist from Krya Butler. The Cobbler sideline erupted, realizing they were back in the game. With four minutes left, Madison Sullivan scored yet again off of Meaghan Keohane’s corner kick. The Cobblers ended up tying Aberdeen 2-2.

Saturday: Rapid City Central 1 Pierre 2

Saturday morning proved to be a little tougher for the Cobblers when they faced Pierre. Pierre proved right away that they were not going to let the Cobblers come in and score easily. Pierre ended up scoring two goals towards the end of the first half. After a talking to, the Cobblers returned to the field, trying again and again to score. It wasn’t until Meaghan Keohane received a PK that the Cobbler’s were put up on the score board. Although the Cobblers tried, they ended losing 1-2 to Pierre, marking their first loss of the season.