Cheerleaders and Dancers Prep for State Competition

By Lexie Bowman

Central High School’s competitive dance and cheer have been striving to take first place for their last four competitions.  Their recent practices have focused on perfecting their timing, motions, and lifts. With state just around the corner it motivates the dancers and cheerleaders to try their hardest and to put in as much effort as they can.

Throughout the season the cheer and dance team has placed usually in the top three. They are pleased with their results although they would like to do better. “Third place is good, but it is not the best so it just motivates us to do better and work harder,” says one dancer.

State is October 24, 2015, in Brandon Valley. It is a huge competition for the dancers and cheerleaders, since all the schools attend, making the competition much stronger.  With State next weekend we encourage Central High School to have school spirit and cheer our competitors on. Good luck ladies!

Photo by Kristin Huether
Photo by Kristin Huether