Cobbler Boys Defeat Raiders

By Austin Lammers

Raider week proved to be no disappointment for Central High School.

Following a dramatic girl’s win Thursday night, Kailleb Walton-Blanden led the Cobbler boys to a 59-54 victory over a 7-8 Stevens Raider team.

With the Central crowd sporting red polos and Khakis for “Jake from State Farm” night, ensuring a win was the only thing on the Cobblers’ mind. During the first half, Stevens’ guard Jacob Martin caught fire, racking up 17 points and a handful of 3-pointers. Despite losing Connor McCormick in the first quarter with a wrist injury, Central battled back from a ten point deficit and ended the first half within two points of Stevens, 25-23.
Centrals’ momentum did not cease as the boys ran out of the tunnel after halftime.

The Cobblers did not waste a shot in the second half, shooting 15/22 (68%) from the field, and as Jacob Martin cooled down, Walton-Blanden heated up. Stevens could not defend KWB in the lane the remainder of the game, as it seemed his beautiful finishes at the rim were put on replay. Stevens out-rebounded Central 35-26, but Central forwards Derric Tiller and Preston Anderson made up for it on the offensive end, shooting a combined 6/9 with 12 points. Dylan Hay sealed the victory with a late game three-pointer and a charge taken.

KWB shot 10/16 (62%) with 22 points, five rebounds, and three steals. The fiery Dylan Hay compiled nine points, seven rebounds, and three steals. Justin Kraemer ended with nine points and a steal, shooting 2/3 from the field and 4/5 from the free throw line. On the Stevens side, Jacob Martin racked up 22 points, and Andrew Martin with 15 and 10 rebounds. Central did a nice job suppressing Mason Archambault, one of the most dangerous players in the state, to only six points.

As the final buzzer screamed, red polo-ed insurance agents flooded the floor, savoring the moment until they meet our good neighbors again.

Next up: Central vs. Sioux Falls Lincoln, 2/12 @ 7:30 p.m., Naasz Gymnasium

long crowd shot raider game
The Cobbler crowd shows off their “Jake from State Farm” theme.