Does Creative Writing Qualify for Finals Exemption?

By: Leah Emerson and Benjamin Newman

After all creative writing students were required to take their final exam fall semester, the spring semester’s creative writing students may be eligible for finals-exemption. While Central students have the opportunity to be exempt from finals in regular classes based on attendance and grades, students and teachers alike were confused to find creative writing was “missing” from last semester’s exemption roster. This has never been the case before.

In fact, the teachers in the English department did not know it was mandatory until the day when the finals exemption lists came out.

The notification left many confused and outraged. “I think it’s unfair because it’s a class I was required to take and I was eligible to be exempt,” said senior Riley Finck. Many were particularly upset because of the late notice. Senior Paetyn Swigart said, “I was angry because they didn’t tell us it was mandatory until the day before we had to take the final.”

So why suddenly this year did it appear as a required final in the handbook? When asked what happened the registrar, Cassie Furchner, stated, “Administration does not know how  [Creative Writing] ended up on the non-exempt list.”

There is uncertainty in the issue but one theory is that it was a cut and paste mistake. Whatever the reason, there is optimism that teachers and administration will decide that creative writing will not be a required final this semester.