Cobbler Cheerleaders Win Spirit of Six Award

By Christian Frederick

After a solid outing by the Cobbler girls basketball team at the state tournament, the cheer team was selected to win the Spirit of Six award for girls basketball. This is the third year in a row Central has been awarded the Spirit of Six for either boys or girls basketball. During halftime of the championship game between Aberdeen Central and the Washington Warriors, the trophy was awarded to the Cobbler cheer team. Before this Central had won the award 13 times.

Mikayla Frederick, one of Central’s cheer coaches said, “I think every squad there was equally great, but having a completely new squad with no experience at a state tournament says a lot. Those girls put their hearts and souls into cheering on their teams. We’ve definitely had some rough patches but they’ve pushed through. They are an amazing group of ladies and I think this award is well-deserved.”

In March of 1968, six Rapid City Cobbler cheerleaders were killed in a plane accident returning from the state “A” boys basketball tournament in Sioux Falls. The idea of an award honoring these girls first originated from Freddie Shick, a school board member from Rapid City and former University of Wyoming cheerleader. Shick and Lt. Bob Schukenect of the highway patrol proposed the idea to the Sheriff and Police Officer’s Association (known as the South Dakota Peace Officers Association). The resolution was made and passed to present a trophy to the outstanding cheerleaders of the State A and B tournaments each year.